How to Take Care of Your Smartphone Battery

Your smartphone can literally be the smartest phone in the market, but it becomes a lump of plastic when there is no charge left in it. You can follow a few simple rules, which will extend the battery life in your phone.


  • You should charge the phone battery to the fullest: Every time you connect your charger to the phone, try to ensure that you charge the phone completely. Lithium-ion batteries should not be charged frequently  as they overheat. That is why the charger automatically cuts off the power supply when the battery is full. It will go a long way if you unplug the phone charger before it goes up to 100 percent. Ideally, the charge should be kept above 50 percent at all times.


  • Keep your phone in a cool place. Battery life is much shorter in a hotter environment. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a typical lithium-ion power source will lose about six percent of maximum capacity every year. When the temperature rises to 77 degrees, a huge 35 percent capacity will be lost.


It is very easy to conserve your mobile battery life by avoiding exposing it to extreme environmental conditions like snow and direct radiant heat.

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