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Wholesale Phone Lots is a convenient and powerful online marketing platform for wholesale distributors of wireless phones, accessories and parts.

We support your offline sales efforts and help you improve your top line growth.




  • To start selling at WPL, you will need to fill our our seller form. We pride ourselves on maintaining a reliable vendor network and expect our partners to uphold industry standards and code of ethics. To this end, we will require you to meet our selection criteria. Registration is free.
  • Upon successful approval, you can start listing your products. You have the option to accept bids for your products or sell them directly to buyers. Create a description for your products and set a fair price.
  • Your products are ready to attract offers or be purchased outright from our large buyer community. You can manage your listings in one place, view bids and track what you sell.
  • Transactions are routed through us. We serve as the point of contact between you and potential buyers. Buyers will pay us through PayPal or wire transfers. We will charge a percentage of the sale price as our fee, and pass on the rest to you.
  • You ship orders directly from your warehouse to the customer location. We support you in shipping and deliveries in any way we can, to ensure top-notch customer service.


WPL is a ready-to-use marketing and sales platform making your products visible to a vast pool of buyers 24/7. Our well-hosted site enjoys 99.9% uptime and our reliable website design and frequent maintenance delivers a positive shopping experience for buyers, increasing your chances of making a successful sale.


We provide you full website support, answering questions and fixing issues related to your account and listings.


Feel free to discuss your requirements with us – we are always happy to help you.