How to Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone

How to Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone

Buying a refurbished cell phone is a wonderful way to save money. Refurbished phones are those which have had previous owners and have been reset for resale. When buying a refurbished cell phone, a few precautions must be taken into account to make a good decision. There is a clear possibility of the phone being stolen or not being repaired properly. The following factors should be considered by the buyer before making the final purchase.

Factory settings

When evaluating a refurbished phone, it is to be ensured that the handset is wiped clean of any sign of prior ownership. If a phone has been reset to its factory settings, the memory is automatically wiped clean. The new user can set his or her preference from the factory setting. If the buyer finds any trace of the previous owner in the phone, there is a maximum probability that the phone is not completely safe and it has not been completely refurbished. This can also indicate that the phone may have been stolen or acquired by similar means. If any unknown display is seen on the phone, then it is best not to buy it.

Recurring charges

Potential buyers should examine the phone to make sure only factory programs are running. One should also make sure that there no applications installed that may cause the user to be charged. The presence of any unrecognizable program or application indicates that spy ware may be installed on that phone. This could lead to nasty surprises like huge phone bills.

Factory made accessories

The buyer must make sure that the handset is accompanied by a proper charger and battery. Incorrect accessories may hamper the functioning of the phone and in case of smartphones, may incorrectly sync with the computer.

Electronic Serial Number (ESN)

Each handset has a unique ESN that can be found under the battery. Since it is unique, it will be possible for the manufacturer to provide information on prior ownership. If the phone was returned to the factory, the ESN number will be recorded by the company.

Manufacturer or seller’s warranty

It is advisable to inquire about the warranty of the product from the seller. Some retailers offer warranty cover to a refurbished phone while others do not. It is better to have the reassurance of parts being replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. It is better to defer a purchase in the absence of any warranty.

It is clear that buying a refurbished phone from a reputable seller is better than an unknown, disreputable one. It is also advisable to buy phone models which have a reputation for reliability.








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