How to Conserve Battery on Your Nexus

Google Nexus has an excellent battery life when compared to its peer smartphones and tablets, thanks to its huge 4,325 mAh battery. However, you can inadvertently sap its power by running high definition videos at the highest screen brightness. You can save battery life on your Nexus 7 if you tweak the following in the ‘Settings’:


Power control widget:


It permits you to control the GPS, account synchronization, Wi-Fi and brightness of the screen allowing you to save your phone’s battery.


Wireless and networks


If you switch off the Network Notifications in the Wi-Fi settings, then the Nexus 7 will not actively search for new networks. When inactive, the option of “only when plugged in” offers optimum compromise between convenience and power use.


If you want to save power, keep the Bluetooth turned off if you do not require it. If you want to improve the life of the battery, minimize “Visibility timeout” so that the tablet deactivates the Bluetooth when it is not required.


ñ  Disable Near Field Communication (NFC). It uses very little power and this action is needed only when there is a minuscule amount of battery life left.

ñ  Airplane mode: This disables all the wireless systems and saves a large amount of power. This is great if the apps you need, do not require any connection to the internet.


The thumb rule of conserving battery is to minimize the use of apps. If an app is heating up your phone, it is advisable not to use it for long.



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