How to Clean Your Mobile Phone



Your phone goes with you almost everywhere you go. Constant exposure to pollutants and dirt can turn affect its appearance. Research has discovered the presence of infectious microbes like staph bacteria on the surface of phones. Wiping the phone with a cloth or tissue will not be very effective in such a situation.


  1. The first step to clean your mobile phone is to disassemble it. The battery should be removed and also the keypad  (if your mobile phone has one) along with the faceplate.
  2. Take an isopropyl alcohol bottle and Q-tip. Wet the Q-tip with alcohol and then rub it on the surface of the phone.
  3. The last step requires you to use a clean cloth to wipe the phone. Assemble the parts and put the phone together again.


The cloth used for cleaning should be lightweight. It is advisable to not use any cloth that was previously exposed to bleach or other chemicals. The cloth should not leave lint or fuzz after the phone is cleaned. Paper towels should not be used for the same reason. You can use disposable wipes available in the market for cleaning mobile phones.

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