All About Refurbished Phones

All About Refurbished Phones

Sometimes a refurbished mobile phone can be an excellent buy for consumers who want a great product at a lesser price. These phones offer the same capabilities and functions of a new phone and may even come with a warranty. The only factor a buyer should consider is whether the phone is being sold by an established firm or by an unknown commercial entity.

Definition of refurbished phone

A phone is said to be a refurbished one if it has been returned to the device manufacturer or the repair shop. Since the phone would then have been fixed and reset to it original settings, it works almost like a new model. The quality of the phones, however, may vary. The person or the company who repaired the phone has a final say on the subsequent quality of the piece. For example, a phone that is repaired by the manufacturer will be of better quality than a phone repaired by some unknown company.

There is a difference between a refurbished phone and a used phone. A used phone is sold to the customer after erasing the the previous owner’s information from it. A refurbished handset, on the other hand, is generally thoroughly repaired and reset. It is then stringently tested for any kind of defect to ensure it works efficiently. Only after this is it sold to the consumer.


Reason for refurbishment

Many mobile owners frequently upgrade their handsets. So the previous phones, if they are compatible with the existing cellular network, are generally returned to the manufacturer where they are refurbished and sold. Many cell phone companies permit their customers to return their handsets within a specific period of time if the customer does not like the phone for any particular reason. These handsets are generally in good working condition, but since they have already been used, they cannot be sold as new products.

Sometimes, a few phones are returned to the manufacturer for a technical defect. The phone is then fixed and resold. This category of refurbished phones are usually riskier to buy as it is seen that these kind of phones suffer from recurrent problems.


Advantages of getting a refurbished phone

Refurbished phones are a great deal for buyers. They offer an advanced level of technology at a much lesser price compared to a showroom model. In many cases, a person may buy a refurbished phone simply because the individual liked the model and the manufacturer does not sell it anymore through its usual sales channels.


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