Difference Between GSM and CDMA

Difference Between GSM and CDMA GSM competes with CDMA in the wireless technology sphere with GSM spanning a lion’s share of the market with 82 percent user penetration around the world. CDMA, however, dominates the US market. Technically speaking, GSM (Global System for Mobile) specifies a complete infrastructure for the wireless network, while CDMA  (Code […]

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How to Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone

How to Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone Buying a refurbished cell phone is a wonderful way to save money. Refurbished phones are those which have had previous owners and have been reset for resale. When buying a refurbished cell phone, a few precautions must be taken into account to make a good decision. There is a clear possibility of the phone being stolen or not being repaired properly. The following factors should be considered by the buyer before making the final purchase.

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All About Refurbished Phones

Sometimes a refurbished mobile phone can be an excellent buy for consumers who want a great product at a lesser price. These phones offer the same capabilities and functions of a new phone and may even come with a warranty. The only factor a buyer should consider is whether the phone is being sold by an established firm or by an unknown commercial entity.

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